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Frequently Asked Questions

Cattle Eemnes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the name A3's Bike Tours?
The "Bike Tours" part is obvious. As for the 'A3' part; my christian name is Adrie. Since 'three' is 'drie' in Dutch A3 is just a simple abbreviation of my name.

Do all of your bike tours have a guide?
Yes, all do have a guide.

How many people are the groups?
We like to give you a personal experience. For this reason we limit our groups to no more than 15 people.

Where is the meeting point?
The exact location depends among other things upon bike availability and personal wishes.In Amersfoort our meeting point will usually be Rijwielhandel van Hoeijen Krommestraat 61. In Utrecht we have several bike hire possibilities.

Should I wear special clothes?
We recommend wearing something casual in which you can move easily. Avoid wide trousers that might get stuck in the chain.

What about wearing a cycling helmet?
Unless they are on a roadbike (racing bike) most Dutch people don't wear helmets. Because of the cycling infrastructure and traffic rules riding a bike is a safe mode of transport. For this reason and because of hygiene we do not offer rental helmets.

What kind of bikes do we ride?
The bikes we offer you are conventional city bikes or bikes with adjustable gears.

Do I need to be an experienced biker?
We cycle at a leasurely pace. If you are in a reasonable shape, and feel comfortable riding a bike you can join a tour. Our longer tours do require a little more energy, but we're not racing, we're enjoying the scenery. Although in general our trips are on quiet roads and cycle paths you will be riding among other traffic.

Can I book a tour as an individual?
Yes you can.

Will we go when it rains?
Yes, in almost every case. Only in extreme weather conditions we will cancel the tour.

My question isn't listed. What should I do?
Please contact us through our contact form or by email!

Where can I find your terms and conditions?
They can be downloaded here.