Cattle Polder

Explore Holland By Bike

Cattle Polder

A3's Bike Tours

Explore Holland By Bike

A3's Bike Tours takes you into the beautiful Dutch countryside around Amersfoort and Utrecht. Enjoy unexpected natural areas, visit a windmill or sail the former Zuiderzee. We aim to guide you on small roads and cycling paths to the most beautiful places of the Netherlands in a personal way.

Tours from Utrecht:

Vecht river near Maarssen

River Vecht Tour

Cycle along the banks

16-25 km, 2-3 hours, €30

Windmills Oud Zuylen

Windmills, Water and Woodlands Tour

A varied tour through the area north of Utrecht

45 km, 4-5 hours, €40

Foot Ferry (Liniepontje)

Forts and Ferries Tour

Explore the New Dutch Waterline

45 km, 5-6 hours, €45

Tours from Amersfoort:

Windmill de Windhond (Greyhound) Soest

Soest Tour

Cycle through the Dunes

25 km, 2-3 hours, €25

Lage Vuursche in Summer

Woods Tour

Cycle Through the Woods to Lage Vuursche

40 km, 3-5 hours, €30

Old Harbour Shipyard Spakenburg

Spakenburg Tour

Cycle along the Eem River and Lake

45 km, 3-5 hours, €35

Nijkerk Shopping area

Nijkerk & Polder Tour

Cycle to the Zuiderzee

45 km, 3-5 hours, €35

Kasteel Duurstede (Duurstede Castle)

Wijk bij Duurstede Tour

Cycle to the river Rhine

65 km, 6-8 hours, €50

Tours on the Map: